Thursday, 12 August 2010

Nobody leaves

Heather went off to Mt Hutt this morning for her first skiing day, with two friends - when they got to Mt Hutt it was already blowing hard, but they skied on the one operating chairlift until lunchtime, when the wind reached over 200 km/hr. The skiers were all kept inside the cafeteria, apart from fitting chains to their cars in the carpark ready for a quick descent if the wind dropped. But it didn't.

So 1000-1200 skiers are spending the night in the cafeteria, after a $2 meal (pork stroganoff and wedges, apparently). Heather has texted to say it's very noisy, but they're trying to get some sleep. What a situation to be in!

1 comment:

Philbee, NZ said...

Those 1,200 people stranded overnight should never have been in that situation. We all saw the deteriorating weather conditions on the tv maps all week.
(1) Why did NZSki not expect the storm til 2day?
(2) Why did a school send 300 kids up into an approaching storm?
(3) Where is any sense of social responsibility?