Saturday, 4 September 2010

The big one

It's hard to think of a title that isn't corny, but what do you say after a day that began with a magnitude 7.1 earthquake at 4.35am? I'm sure that Canterbury's quake is all over the media, so I'll stick to some basics. I've put photos at my Flickr site.

Heather and I are fine. The main part of our house held up OK, though the brick additions done in the early 50s have cracked and chunks of brickwork have fallen out, doors won't shut, etc. Both chimneys are damaged; one has crumbled into a heap of bricks and the other is standing, but looking dangerous. We've been cleaning up messes from fallen shelves etc but most belongings are intact.

The back concrete patio is a cracked jumble of concrete slabs, and there's a 15cm trench across our back yard. We have phone, power, TV and internet (obviously), but no mains water supply. Luckily we have an artesian bore which produces clean looking water, so we're working from buckets and boiling our drinking water. Most of the neighbourhood is coming along to fill buckets etc, so we've had a very social day. The back fence is down and our neighbours, like many others, have large piles of silt from where water and springs have bubbled up through the earth.

Our road is badly damaged, and it's not passable at the end of our block, where River Road meets Banks Avenue, Dallington Terrace, and McBratneys Rd. The footbridge at the other end of the block is now a piece of sculpture.
The footbridge over the Avon at Medway St.


kris logan said...

Big holes in your back walls! The whole dining room end of kitchen area looks a mess. That is quite a sideways shift in the garden. Eddy thought concrete pads rather than piles would be the way to go but your back deck area obviously couldn't hack it. Take care Eddy/Kris

Jim said...

Wow. I was in the middle of town at the Copthrone Durham which I thought was going to crash on top of me (on the 1st floor)
The newer buildings all look intact but anything older or brick seems to have crumbled...although the Crown Plaza sounds like it had a huge crack in it according to one escapee.

Yet go to Avonhead and there was no housing damage.

doingkeywordresearch said...

Thats one hard earthquake. To think that a bridge made of concrete and steel would be crooked.