Monday, 6 September 2010

The cleanup begins

We had Rick and Nathan from Slate & Shingle Roofing arrive early yesterday morning, and by 11am they had both of our shaky chimneys removed. All we have to show now is a big pile of rubble. The holes where the chimneys used to be were then filled with tiles from our stack of spares, so the house now looks as if it's always been chimney-less. It's a shame, they set off the tile roof nicely, but they were a menace at times like this.

One chimney was still standing - but only just.

The chimney above our bedroom came down in the initial quake, but it crumbled gently rather than crashing through the roof.

Once these were chimneys, now they're landfill.

The road at the end of our block had subsided, leaving big cracks. That didn't stop morons in SUVs and hotted up cars trying to drive through the police cordons. On Sunday a roading gang moved in to fill the gaps and smooth out the mangled tarmac.

The University is shut for the week while structural assessments are done. Apparently the Library may take months to repair, and we've heard rumours of a big crack through the Law building, where our offices are situated on the 4th floor.
The University Library is a big mess.


Donald said...

Good to see you're getting into what must be a big list of jobs.



Gregor Ronald said...

There's not a lot we can do, actually. The insurance assessors need to see the house first, and I'm worried that cleanup efforts may cause walls to collapse, etc. Safer to leave it for the bulldozer, I think.

Donald said...

Yes, I'd be very wary of spending time under some areas of your walls, if your photos are anything to go by!

What an experience! I hope you're both handling it OK?

Nice morning here after a wild Sunday.



Ross said...

I'm darned glad that chimney is on the driveway and didn't get there under its own steam. Anyone I've shown that particular snap has uttered a word starting with F. (Except Annabel)

liveaboardmaldives said...

Good Luck on your rebuilding process. Make it a better one.

keywords said...

I think some of the bricks in the picture can be recycled to rebuild the house.