Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Progress, possibly

I had email today acknowledging our EQC claim and telling us that we'll see an assessor one day soon. In the meantime things have moved a bit more; the sunroom/dining room is now a no-go area because the north-west corner is leaning quite alarmingly, and could take the whole west side of the room with it.

We are surprisingly lethargic; the best we've managed today is doing a load of washing at the Schroeders' place and burying the portapotty's first load in the garden. We keep saying that we're going to start packing up, as it's obvious that we'll have to leave this house at some point. So we might as well use the time off work to pack pictures, CDs, books, and other gear. We can leave clothes, and the gear like TV and stereo, until it becomes the Real Thing; probably the day after the assessor calls.


Donald said...

Feeling for you both! You've put a lot into your home. I guess the lethargy is a reaction, but it's good to rest too.



Anonymous said...

Very Interesting!
Thank You!

caribbeanliveaboard said...

It's better to be safe. Good Luck.