Sunday, 26 September 2010

Quiet weekend

We've had a restful weekend, with minor tinkering and a bit of shopping. (And a couple of solid aftershocks around 8pm on Saturday.) Another reason for staying around the house was our two cats, who are slowly acclimatising to the new setting. They're still pretty timid, but that will improve during the week, I'm sure. We also have a complication, in the shape of a large old male tabby named Tom, who seems to have an amiable enough disposition, but he's a bit puzzled about changes to his surroundings and the two new arrivals.

We are surrounded by the best fruit and vegetable shops in Christchurch, so we'll have to start comparison shopping around these. I don't know about supermarkets; in some ways it might be easier to carry on with our old Stanmore New World, as they stock brands we're used to, we know the layout, and most of all, I have all the aisles tagged to products in HandyShopper - so I can sort the wanted items by aisle, and zap through the shopping really quickly. Yesterday we went to the Countdown in the Belfast Super Centre, but it's not an attractive option, and it's a bit of a haul to get there.

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