Saturday, 11 September 2010

Right angle turn

A friend of mine said, many years ago when I was contemplating leaving teaching, that "life needs to take a right angle turn every ten years". I'm not sure about the timing, but I do agree that the right angle turn has visited us this week. Our house is very likely to be deemed a re-build, so we now have to prepare to move out.

We have had a private assessment done (the official ECQ one may be several days away), and we're holding meetings of neighbours this week to decide if we'll do an independent geotechnical investigation. This is all being led by a structural engineer who did our report for some minor works last year, and who lives just round the block from us; he will combine his neighbours with ours, and we'll commission a full geotechnical survey of the tongue of land we live on, betweeen Dudley Creek and the Avon River, bounded by Banks Ave on the north, Woodchester Ave on the west, with Medway St & River Road completing the circuit.

Until we get the official assessment, we are rather undecided about the timing, but it looks like we'll be on the move quite soon.

Our neighbourhood, with our section in black. The area sits between two streams, the Avon River and smaller Dudley Creek, so we are on alluvial soils subject to liquefaction in earthquakes. The houses east of us are all uninhabitable because of structural damage.

On a brighter note, we have water, and we're just hoping that whatever goes into the drains finds a home somewhere under ground. We're not using toilets too much, just in case.

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