Saturday, 11 September 2010

So near but so far

We had water for about 30 minutes before we discovered a leak. Now we're waiting for our plumber to get here and fix it. Even then, though, we can't really use the toilets or the shower, as the sewer connections are all snapped off and the street main is full of silt. Sewerage is getting away somehow, but I don't like to think about it too much, it must be running away into the ground somewhere. We're still boiling the water from our bore. So we'll be using the portaloos down at the corner, and showering at work, while we get ready to move out.

A structural engineer who lives just round the corner visited today; he's a partner in the firm that did our re-piling assessment last year, so their firm already has data about our soil. He wants to get the neighbours to all club in and share the cost of a full geotechnical survey of this block, then we can all use the data and the report to talk with our insurers and EQC. His opinion is that our house is so broken that it won't be fixable, so it looks like we may be flatting with, then house sitting for, Leeanne Russ for the next year or more. I'm about to start calling insurance and storage/removal firms, and we'll probably move out next weekend, or soon after.

In the middle of all this, I see the orthopedic surgeon about my hip next Friday afternoon! The week before last, the hip was my big focus; now it's just a darn nuisance. Oh well, life goes on; if I have surgery later this year we'll cope, no doubt.

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