Friday, 10 September 2010

Water - well, technically speaking

A momentous moment at 4.30 this afternoon - repairs to the water main in the road allowed us to turn on our water. Visions of showers, toilets, and dishwashers danced before my eyes. Then Heather discovered that our garden tap was leaking uncontrollably, and turned off the valve at the street. So we are without water for one more evening; a plumber is coming early tomorrow.

A projector in C1 had developed a bit of a lean.
I went to the university today, along with several hundred other staff members; we were briefed by the VC and a guy from Buildings, then sent off to tidy our offices. Jess and I had our office cleaned up in 45 minutes, then we joined Erik Brogt from the Academic Development Group and tidied up the rest of the offices and the ADG's library of journals.

Note for future earthquakes; large pot plants kept on filing cabinets can go a long way and spread their soil through everything. I think the occupants of one office will be finding bits of potting mix among their reading for many months.
The Law Library had emptied itself over the floors, but teams were already re-stacking books.

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