Sunday, 10 October 2010

Blokes a plate

Our River Road neighbours are getting together this evening for a pot luck meal. So while Heather went for a swim this morning, I made Oakhill potatoes. This lot should feed 6 or 8 people as a side dish. It's a bit tedious to make; hard boiled eggs, parboiled potatoes, a cheese sauce with onion and bacon, and buttered breadcrumbs all take a bit of time, but the final dish is worth it.

It's funny, but this dish always makes me think of my first hip replacement; the first day I really felt like food after surgery, St George's Hospital served it for lunch. So in honour of the impending occasion of my second stint in St George's, my mind must have made the association. Or maybe it's just a really good dish to take to a gathering.

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Peter Lee said...

Hope you had a successful hip replacement surgery.

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