Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Counting down

Twelve more sleeps before the man with scalpels and power tools attacks my hip. Then I'll have at least 4, probably 6, weeks of slow and careful recovery, steadily improving as the operation scars heal. But no hip pain!

Also coming Real Soon Now (as we say in IT) is an announcement about the fate of 393 River Rd; demolish and rebuild, or patch it up? All the official people who've seen it are very non-committal, as you'd expect, but builders who've seen the house just shake their heads in disbelief. We don't think it would be possible to fix it up, the problems are too wide spread and serious.

Conversations with EQC and insurance people indicate that they are being pushed to complete reports by an imminent deadline, and apparently the geotech testing is going well, so a final decision should come soon. Another clue is the rumour that both John Key and Gerry Brownlee are coming to Christchurch on Friday 15th - could this be Announcement Day?

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