Saturday, 30 October 2010

Good news for a grey day

A second grey day with low cloud and a cool easterly; not the best aspect of Christchurch's weather. But good news for healing hippies, after a big night's sleep (helped along with a really nice Nederburg 2008 Pinotage, $10 at Countdown) I feel much stronger in the leg this morning, and 95% pain free. I've taken a couple of paracetamol just to keep things comfortable, but let's hope I can stay away from codeine for a few days, maybe for ever...???

Heather's sister Elaine is here, ostensibly to be my chauffeur and helper, but really to have a catch-up with Heather. Elaine and I have had a good couple of days, lunching and driving around, and even doing a bit of shopping. She returns to Dunedin on Monday, then I'll be flying solo, but I'm pretty close to doing most things around the house - apart from getting down on the floor and picking up things that have rolled under the bed! I'll be another week or more before I'm that flexible.

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