Sunday, 24 October 2010

Hip 2.0

Excellent progress in the hip department. Pain levels are dropping day by day and I can get in and out of cars fairly easily. That may not sound a big deal, but people who've had a hip replacement know that folding your legs and swivelling them inside the car is quite a hurdle to overcome. Leather seats are great, otherwise a large plastic bag aids rotation.

When Heather hired the equipment I need around home (raised chair & toilet seat) she also got a little wheeled trolley with two shelves, which is a great gadget. I used it to clear the table after dinner last night, and this morning I made my breakfast then put muesli, toast, & coffee on the trolley to take to the table. If I didn't have this, it would have involved 6 or 7 separate trips, or sitting and waiting for someone to do it for me.

There's no arguing with flesh, though; the wound will take the same time to heal as it did last time, but I'm coping with it better than in 2004.

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