Monday, 11 October 2010

Neighbourhood action

We had about 30 people plus a dozen kids at our neighbourhood dinner and meeting yesterday. I don't know where Andy and Deidre got all the chairs from, but we all found a seat and did a round-the-room update; who you are, where you live(d), what's happening at present. It was very informative and we all came away feeling pretty positive about the worth of such meetings. And well fed, I should add - we had some great food contributed by everyone.

Our group, which comprises the River Road block from Medway St to Banks Ave, has agreed to work in with a larger grouping of River Rd people from Swanns Rd (Avonside GHS) around to Banks Ave, so we now have a Riverside neighbourhood association to represent us, similar to the Avonside Residents' Association.

We are particularly keen to keep each other informed about dealings with EQC, and more importantly, insurance companies, as we hear that insurers are trying to convince home owners to take cheap quick-fix solutions. We want to avoid any attempts by them to pick people off one property at a time, by sharing reports of any offers or advice, so we can all make the same responses.

There's a long way to go yet. Several knowledgeable people estimated that it could be two years before we are all back in repaired or rebuilt houses on our block.

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