Thursday, 21 October 2010

Onward and upward

Definitely getting close to being self-sufficient; the only thing I need help with is getting in and out of bed. The right hip and thigh don't have enough strength to hold the weight of the leg, and it gives a mighty pain in the inner hip and groin if it's not supported. Mind you, I'm not entirely surprised, the right thigh is twice the size of the left.

I was able to stand and shave, then undress and take a shower, dry myself and get dressed again. I am getting closer to being able to take the weight of the leg, so today's goal is to do lots of knee bends to keep the hip flexible, lots of knee presses to build thigh strength, and hopefully by tomorrow morning I will be able to lower myself out of bed, and haul myself back in, without needing to call for a nurse.

The other good development is that pain levels are rapidly decreasing. I got through the night with only paracetamols, and a couple of codeine, which is a real improvement.

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Burpy said...

Awesome news! I want one too :(