Friday, 29 October 2010

Progress indeed

Still talking about recovering from surgery, as there's nothing else happening in my life; I'm using one crutch around the house, but two when I go outside, for stability.

My right leg is steadily getting stronger, and getting in and out of bed is no longer a big deal. I'm getting in and out of cars without problems, too. I can take several steps without a crutch or stick, but I regress to a drunken-sailor swaying motion if I go too long.

Getting comfortable in bed is a problem; we have a pretty firm mattress, and I get stiff and sore lying on a rigid flat surface. I can turn onto my left side for a while, but eventually that becomes uncomfortable, so it's back to flat on my back. I tend to sleep till around 3am, then toss and turn till dawn. Oh well, the big leather sofa is superbly comfortable, so I can catch up during the day.

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