Friday, 22 October 2010

Security check

At night St George's uses contract nurses, many of them South African, to check on patients and give out pills etc. Last night I asked for some codeine, and the nurse followed procedure down to the wire. She checked my hospital ID band, saying "I have to check your identity", and read the name "RONALD, Gregor", then said "Thank you Mr McDonald". It's nice to know they have my identity sorted!

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Ross said...

Be glad they targeted the correct hip!
You've not lived until you've tried to have a phone A/c set up via Telecoms Far Eastern division, when 1 party name is "Ronald" and the other is "MacDonald"
After 10 minutes of convincing them it's not a crank call (Seymor Butts style) we saw several variations on the theme until we gave up... and they'd changed MY name to Ross Julie McRonald. (Matters became more confused later, when for some obscure reason they even managed to get Julies ex husband Dave's name in on the routine... his middle name is... (of course...) Ross.... sigh.

Upshot is, that now I am listed for my cell ph as Mr Ronald Ross, so chances of them baycorping me ever are slim.