Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Big day out

I discovered that driving does not put any stress on my hip, so after a slow practice drive around the block yesterday, I was able to get myself to the University today, to see my workmates, then attend a farewell function for yet another "disestablished" colleague from the IT department. Good weasel word, "disestablished", it's totally impersonal and remote, like a cosmic event of some sort; no humans were involved. There are still more of these grisly farewells to come, too.

I'm a lot more mobile now, but the last of the large haematoma (bruising) on the outside of my right leg still causes some trouble. The whole leg was blue-grey a week ago, now it's just my foot that's swollen and tight. I keep it under control by spending lots of time on the sofa, but 4 hours on my feet this afternoon have made it swollen again. I'll have another blob day tomorrow, and get it under control. Two or three more quiet days should have the last of the bruising absorbed away.

After driving, next comes biking. I'll see in the weekend if I can manage my mountain bike; if I can, then a great exercise and recovery activity is available a few hundred metres away at Bottle Lake Forest Park. I won't try the MTB tracks to begin with, just ride the long straight roads through the forest to the beach and back.

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