Thursday, 25 November 2010

Like I never left

Funny how 4 weeks away from work condenses to a nanosecond when you get back. I'm back full time now, minus a crutch or stick (most of the time)and flat out doing course resets. If you don't know, it's the e-learning equivalent of working in a biscuit factory - mindless repetitive tasks, requiring care and attention, and guaranteed to turn your brain to mush. Still, it's nice to be back.

In a week we are moving offices, to Level 7 of the Central Library, so we are all flat out getting things tidy and ready for the movers. It's a busy time, which always confuses my friends and relations who say "I suppose you're on holiday", as if we do 24 weeks a year like the students. (Of course the students do far more than sit in lectures, so the 24 weeks doesn't even apply to them.)

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