Saturday, 20 November 2010

Out and about

I did a supermarket session this morning, then after lunch and a rest I went out for a bike ride around Marshlands. I went as far as the QE2 Drive monster roundabout and the turnoff to Innes Rd - the first 1/3 of my 12km ride to work. (I rode a square around the right angled bits at top right of this map.)

Once I hit Innes Rd, it's a straight line across Mairehau, St Albans. Merivale, and Fendalton to the University. The traffic does about 10 kph in rush times, I'll do 20. On the way home, it will be into the usual northeasterly sea breeze at about 17kph, but that's life.

Still, I won't try biking that distance until January. I need to get the basics sorted out first, and to sort out clothing and hygiene. We shift buildings at work before Xmas, which means that I'll have a staff-only shower available in the basement of the Central Library; our new offices will be on the 7th floor. I'll need a system for shirts, towels, soap; will I shave at work? Should I grow a beard again? It's all a bit complicated, as they say on Facebook.

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