Saturday, 6 November 2010

What a nerve!

Getting away from endless posts about my recovery; I'm gobsmacked by the TV commercial being shown in the US by Sarah Palin's campaign. Palin herself wasn't running for office, of course, she was supporting various Tea Party nutters, some who won and some who lost.

But the astonishing thing is the imagery in this clip - she's portrayed as the saviour of the US, the leader of the movement, and so on, backed with pictures of Mount Rushmore, grizzly bears, and other patriotic images. There's an implied hint of military force near the end; "...may take some renegades goin' rogue...shakin' it up" over a shot of fighter pilot, then the grizzly bear standing tall to finish. It's a fantastic piece of visual propaganda that would make Leni Riefenstahl proud - and very scary to anyone who looks carefully at the associated images.

There's a nice clip of comedian and Palin impersonator Tina Fey talking on Letterman, where she says "
On Fox News they address her as Governor Palin. Which is like calling me Dairy Queen employee. I was once, but I quit." Nice try, Tina, but I suspect Fox will be calling her Princess Palin before long.

I also wonder how long the "Palin" part of her name will be used; her campaign is all about "Sarah", and hubby Todd is nowhere to be seen these days. He's probably back in Wasilla raising the kids and shooting grizzlies.

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