Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Better and worse

Things that are better - biking. On Saturday I rode into town and did some shopping, then put the bike on the bus to get home from my local. On Sunday I rode my MTB around Bottle Lake for 2 hours; it was supposed to be one hour but I got lost!

Things that are OK - our new office. (Photos here.) It is roomy, and has a great view, but access is only possible with a swipe card, which means that friends - and more importantly, staff - can't visit us. I doubt that this can be changed until all the earthquake repairs on the Central Library are completed, as they don't want stray people wandering around. But until it is changed we can't use our seminar room, as nobody can get to it.

Things that are worse - TelstraClear's ability to manage simple requests.
  1. They moved our phone number to Leanne's line, but not the old Telecom number which had been aliased. Now we have to notify everyone we know that our number is changed.
  2. Broadband was activated yesterday, but the promised modem for ADSL broadband was only ordered today, and could be 3-5 business days before arriving - and even then they didn't note the address for delivery, though the first operator read it back to me at the time. So I'll buy an ADSL modem/router on the way home and when theirs arrives I'll sell it, along with my router, on Trademe.
  3. My mobile phone was going to be put on the new account, according to the original person I spoke to, but today that hadn't happened and we had to go right through a big hassle to start this process again.

If this is the efficiency of the business world, contrasted to the inefficiency of the public service, it's a joke. Our public servants planned and executed the move of a whole department but the lean mean efficient private enterprise system got one thing right out of 3 - and that was only part right.

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