Friday, 3 December 2010

Bike news - again

I was away from home on my bike at 7.15am, and I rode the route across town beside QE2 drive, then the cycle paths by the rail line. It was safe being away from cars, but the north-south rail path is a pain because it crosses roads that run east-west. There are 7 roads in the 3.3km of the track from Northcote to Glandovey Rd, and while each has a traffic light for safe crossing, the constant stopping and waiting is a significant nuisance. Next time I'll take Innes Rd and compare the potential traffic hassles on that road with the stop-start nuisance of the rail path.

Anyway, it was great, and this really marks my return to normality. I've only taken panadol once this week, and that was because of too much wine the night before, not because of a hip operation. And I've found myself realising that I've gone several hours without even thinking about my hip, or walking, and other hassles. Almost normal!

We've spent the last day packing our office, ready for Monday's shift to Level 7 of the Central Library. Jess and I have each filled 4 or 5 large plastic moving crates with stuff from our office, and we're now packing quite a lot of the kitchen & catering items; coffee perk, sandwich toaster, cups and bowls, and so on. We thought we had a lot of wine glasses, but found that the academic group had grabbed most of those when they moved three weeks ago. There's a moral there somewhere...

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