Saturday, 11 December 2010

The case against TC

I've been reflecting on my dealings with the telco sector this week, and here's a more well documented grizzle about TelstraClear.
TelstraClear said they'd do 4 things when activating our new account; transfer our landline, set up voice mail, move my cellphone to the new account, and set up HomePlan ADSL Internet.
The landline transferred OK but they lost the old Telecom alias, so now we have to tell the whole world to use our Telstra number (03-980-5277). Some of our more flaky contacts may never recover. So much for number portability.

If there's voice mail, I have yet to find it. However I haven't got around to looking up the pretty decent FAQ on their web site, so we'll give that one the benefit of the doubt.

Cellphone - no, it wasn't moved to the new account, very sorry, doing it now. Maybe. The end of the month will provide the proof; one bill or two?

Internet. Ha. On Friday 3rd I got an email saying it was being activated. My free modem hadn't arrived so I sat for a weekend alone with no internet. (Heather and Leanne were both out of town.) I survived, mostly by going for bike rides.

On Wednesday 8th I gave up and bought my own modem-router for $170, but still no luck. A 70 minute wait for tech support finally got to a guy who ran through everything he could think of to check my setup; it was perfect. Then came the vague mutterings about "...log a job with connections", and sure enough, they hadn't done the exchange connection. It was done on Friday 10th, and here we are, finally with an internet connection, after more than a week.

That's 3 fails and a maybe. How do they make a profit when they have to do everything twice, and piss off their customers in the process? They've decided to cut costs, and outsourced the once excellent Helpdesk to the Philippines. Not a winning business strategy, I'd think - how about giving better service from a NZ helpdesk, and doing connections properly the first time to save duplication of effort? You might even get some new customers!

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