Friday, 17 December 2010

Counting down

Today was the last Friday of the working year, and what a year it's been! Biked through the Haast in April, sacked and re-hired on the same day in May, holiday in Rarotonga in June, missed the team leader job I'd been assured was mine when they sacked me (much to my relief, as events developed), got a new manager in July (a good thing), earthquake demolished the house in September, hip replacement in October, shifted office in December. That's probably not a complete list, but it'll do - there are enough of life's major stress events in there to keep my adrenal gland busy for a while yet.

Our usual IT lunch crowd went to the Staff Club for the big fancy Christmas lunch, which was very nice. We even had a second drink, to really live it up. Some people snaps follow.

Paul Nicholls (of Christchurch Quake Map fame, one of our Moodle developers), and Richard Hanschu, Data Centre Manager, playing with their phones while waiting for lunch.

Along the far side of the table: Sarah Fallow (Learning Resources Communications), Jess Hollis (fellow Educational Technology Consultant), Janelle Blythe (ex IT, now Internal Communications for the campus), Grant Bush (Senior Server Consultant), Paul Arnold (Server Consultant).

Sarah, Jess, Janelle, Grant, Paul

From the far end: Paul Nicholls, Richard Hanschu, James Daly (Desktop PC support), Tristan Boot (Service Delivery), Geoff Wain & Matthew Carr (Server Consultants)

Richard and James

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