Monday, 13 December 2010

Eventful morning

I biked to work, leaving the female side of our household still in bed - school ended last week. It was a good ride in cool overcast, though I still had a good sweat going at the end of the 12km. Once I cooled off and caught up with email I went for a wash and a change of shirt, and the day officially began.
The University of Canterbury's Central Library in 1973

At around 11.30am, we were just getting ready for a meeting, when with a loud bang all the power in the Central Library went off. Reports of smoke from the basement forced us to evacuate the building by walking down the stairs, and we milled about on the ground outside. It turned out that the smoke was a by-product of the blown switch and cable that caused the outage, so we trooped back up the stairs to the 7th floor. By that time I was hot and sweaty again! Power was restored at 12.30, and all seems well.

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