Saturday, 11 December 2010

Internet at last

We survived a week without home internet fairly well, although it was revealing to see how often I thought "I'll check that out on the web" then had to correct myself. It's definitely become as normal as electricity and running water. Good thing we could do email etc from work. (In the lunch break, honest!)

Anyway, TelstraClear sent me an email on Friday 3rd saying our connection was activated, then we waited for our free modem. In the end I went and bought a modem-router and set it up, and still no ADSL lights were glowing. Hours on the phone to their Helpdesk, listening to piano versions of Carpenters hits (sic) finally resulted in a rueful promise to have it set up at the exchange on Friday 10th. And the modem arrived!

So now we have a connection with reasonable speed (though nothing like the lovely 10Mbps cable connection at River Rd), and a spare ADSL modem (still in its packaging) plus a Netgear 4-port wireless/ethernet router left over. Selling them on Trademe is an option, but keeping them as spares also makes sense. I'll watch Trademe for a few days and see what price I can expect to get for the gadgets, then make my mind up.

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