Monday, 20 December 2010

Is it summer yet?

Yep, it's summer. Temperatures in the high 20s and even the 30s, and La Nina conditions across the Pacific, all point to a hot summer. Just right for sailing, anchoring, and swimming. Sailing season will commence immediately after our return in early January, now that my hip is nicely healed up.

Cycling is going well, but in the 30 deg days recently I've dropped my speed by a gear or so to keep down the sweat. Putting up the miles is bound to be doing me good, and my new route along Walters Rd avoids the hazardous QE2-Marshland roundabout. Trying to use the bike crossings is lethal if drivers turn left without indicating, which about 1/3 of them do, and in the dark of winter it would be even worse.
My old route in red, with the new deviation in blue. It follows narrow country roads, but with hardly any traffic, and there are no two-lane roundabouts to negotiate.

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