Friday, 10 December 2010

Zone map

We haven't had our letter from EQC about our land zone yet, but this map site they have set up certainly shows us in Zone C. That black dot at the top loop of the river is us. (Well, it was on the 4th of September.)

Our block has lots of lateral spreading, as does most of Avonside, on the inside of the centre loop, and the south half of Dallington, the lower loop on the right. All the magenta Zone C land will need to be remediated, with underground structures to hold the river banks in place; the sections will need to be filled, but not compacted, as the quake has already compacted the subsoil.

The EQC juggernaut is either grinding on slowly, or is hopelessly stalled, according to who you ask. I'd just like the official letter. I guess I'll have to phone again.

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