Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Approaching normal

The pace is steadily picking up at work, which wasn't helped by two separate computer problems. First was getting back my regular PC, which has been in the IT workshop since before Christmas. The desktop support person and I both thought it had a dying hard drive, but the workshop diagnosed a faulty RAM module and replaced that.

When I plugged it in, it started OK but Outlook just wouldn't run. Repeated attempts, with many hung programs, forced shutdowns and reboots later, I had some error messages about Office Communicator not connecting, so James from the desktop team showed me the way to disable Outlook plugins. You'd never find that on your own! Then it worked fine.

Then after lunch my Macbook Pro stopped working over the wireless network. It was assigning its own IP numbers, in defiance of the setting to use DHCP; that's odd. I'll see if it's OK tomorrow; I deleted all the wireless connections I could find, and turned the Airport off and on several times, and it's quite happily connected to the home network tonight. Computers are like that. How does Joe Sixpack cope, though - even with a Mac, supposedly trouble-free?

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Rod M said...

Hi Gregor,

Now the legs are fine, you're having a go at the arms????

I'll catch up with you in the days ahead. Especially as you have your wifi working - I'm having probs that defy logic.

Best wishes