Saturday, 1 January 2011

Big night out

By 11 pm on New Year's Eve, only Kristine and I were awake and prepared to go down town. We passed through a very impressive police breath testing stop and parked at the top of Ardmore St, then walked down to the lake front, to find a rather disappointing sight; a small crowd, consisting largely of kids between 13 and 18, all doing the adolescent "walk around in groups" form of social interaction.

A pretty decent band was playing on a stage by the beach, but the excitement was sadly lacking. The big party scene was at the Hawea Tavern, where the drinking age crowd had a no doubt raucous time, but the liquor ban and family-friendly setup in town had created a safe, but dull, environment. Kris and I didn't last till midnight, boredom drove us home about 11.45pm, so we missed the fireworks. Maybe we're a bit old for the change of year to be a big event in our lives, we've certainly seen a fair few of these celebrations over the years. Never mind, I'm sure the kids all had a good time.

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