Monday, 24 January 2011

Gearing up

The University is getting visibly busier, as staff return from holidays. Our phones and email inboxes are definitely more active, with the usual queries about course maintenance and setting up of new courses. An added complication this year is that several large departments have renamed their courses, but not told us, so we are trying to identify the changed courses and rename them in the Learn(Moodle) system. If the course code in Learn doesn't match the course they are enrolled in, students just won't be added, so it's important.

The UC Communications staff have set up a really good Facebook page too; this should get a lot of student traffic and will be quite a help for those who are new to the campus.

Closer to home, Schroeder and I finally got out for a sail yesterday. We were in the water around 12, and sailed up to Purau in a fairly solid easterly, with a 2ft chop on top of a 6ft ocean swell (sorry, 60cm just isn't the same...) and tied to a mooring buoy to stop for lunch. Then a rain squall arrived, so we motor-sailed back to the club ramp with only a jib up. We were still doing 6 knots at times. Thankfully, we didn't get too wet.

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