Thursday, 13 January 2011

Medical matters

I seem to be having a medical week, with surgeon's 3-month check of my hip on Tuesday, and today I somehow sprained a tendon on the outside of my left wrist, right under the watch strap. It's a small niggle, but when I get it at the critical angle it's really weak and very sore. I think I did it by plugging in my laptop this morning; I reached over a screen and stretched awkwardly to plug in the cord, and about an hour later the wrist started getting more and more painful.

What a dumb little injury, but how debilitating it is; I can't lift a coffee cup or open a car door, chopping vegetables for dinner required planning to line things up, and so on. I'm treating it with Voltaren tablets and gel, and Panadeine - using my arthritis arsenal. I see the doctor tomorrow morning. This means no biking - I couldn't possibly support myself on handlebars at present. It may also mean no sailing this weekend. Bah humbug.

Anyway, enough of my aches and pains. Today was Heather's mumblety-thump birthday and she's had presents, flowers, lunch with her sister Pam, and a dinner of crumbed gurnard, new potatoes, and carrots and beans, followed by a raspberry and yoghurt dessert. Not bad for an old sheila.

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