Wednesday, 5 January 2011

THE PLAN - Or how to save the South Island economy

  1. Tell Tiwai aluminium smelter that they have 5 years to close down and go away. May have to pay some compensation for the building, but it can be re-used.
  2. Start a 5 year project to double-track and electrify the South Island main trunk railway line, from Picton to Bluff. Including freight handling terminals on the way, and passenger services.
  3. Arrange a major engineering project for Invercargill & Bluff to absorb the Tiwai workforce. Ship building? Rolling stock design and construction?
  4. Beef up SIT and other regional polytechs to cope with workforce training.
  5. Phase in incentives for retail and transport sectors to move from road to rail.
  6. Follow with penalties for using road, till they get the message.
If you do that, they'll think you're a genius - or a dictator. And maybe the trains will run on time.

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