Sunday, 30 January 2011

Sailing fun

We set off to Lyttelton this morning expecting that a north-west front would drown out the easterly, and then we'd drop the sails and motor back to the dock if the NW picked up too much. The wind around 8-10am had been 13 knots gusting to 17, but by the time we launched and got under way at 11.30, it had dropped to a steady 10-11 knots from east-north-east.

We managed to get from Cass Bay to Diamond Harbour in one tack, including clearing the east end of the reef against an incoming tide, so we were really pleased with our upwind performance. We then tacked over to Gollans Bay (a name I didn't know till now) just east of the coal wharf under some WW2 gun emplacements.

A third long tack took us past Parsons Rock to the southern shore of the harbour near Camp Bay, where we turned back down wind and settled down to have lunch. We happily munched sandwiches and drank a can of beer as we rolled down past Purau and aimed for Quail Island. I went down into the cabin and had a good tidy-up, putting clothes and sails into heaps, life jackets in a row, and generally making things usable.

Near Quail Island we rounded up and tacked back the harbour beside the reef, then down the channel to Cass Bay, where we dropped the sails and motored back to the club wharf to finish. We were back in town with plenty of time for me to prepare a roast chicken dinner and have an hour at the pub. That's what I call a good Sunday.

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