Monday, 3 January 2011

Wanaka houses

Heather and Jigga King walk in the courtyard of Jigga's new house.
The snowy mountain is Fog Peak, in the Harris Mountains.

Some house photos from Wanaka. First a view of Jigga King's (and her partner Carl's, of course) new house high above Beacon Point. The concrete block forms were filled with gravel the next day, making a level lawn and floor once the concrete is poured. The views will be spectacular; the price is the force of the northwest wind, though more neighbours and trees will alleviate that in time.

It reminded us of our house down on Beacon Point Road. In fact, as I pointed out, you could ski the fall line from Jigga and Carl's place and end up in our back yard. But their house is 50m higher elevation, and the view is that much wider.

At the other end of the spectrum is the hand crafted masterpiece being constructed by Eddie Jones and Kristine Logan; it's been five years in the making, while living in the granny flat, though the end of the project is getting closer. They have all their gear in the new garage so the shipping containers are gone, and inside work is now mostly plastering and electrics. I'll do a full slide show on Flickr one day soon, but these will give you an idea of the individualism and care that Eddie is putting into the build. UPDATE: Flickr set here.

Beams and ceilings in the kitchen.

This wing has the dining and living rooms, with kitchen on the far side.

Making use of found materials; discarded pallets from Mitre 10 make bins for drying loads of driftwood brought down the lake by summer storms. The road sign is a legacy of Kris's horse trekking business.

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