Monday, 7 February 2011

A hot one

Yesterday was a scorcher, as a NW wind flow picked up warm air from the tail of Cyclone Yasi, then accelerated it over the Southern Alps and across Canterbury. At 8.30am it was 27oC, and by later afternoon it had reached 36o in Christchurch. In spite of warnings about broken sewer pipes and sewerage leaks on Sumner and South Brighton beaches, thousands of people swam in the sea; I wonder how many contracted gastroenteritis and were vomiting and pooping their way through the night. I just resorted to repeated showers under the garden sprinkler, followed by lying in the shade. Heather did much the same, then went to QE2 pool for her Sunday swim. The cats lay about looking like they'd been dosed with valium.

In the evening we went to Lyttelton for a concert by Cy Winstanley and Vanessa McGowan, who call their group Her Make Believe Band. I presume there's an interesting story, which I must find out one day. We've known Cy since he was born, as his parents Chris and Julie were good friends when we lived in Wanaka; he and Alice used to toddle about playing together, though the day Alice hit him on the head with his new toy hammer has stuck in people's minds somewhat.

Cy and Vanessa - beautiful singing

Anyway, the concert was lovely, with clever lyrics and beautiful guitar work, plus a depth of tone from Vanessa's double bass that really contributed to the feel. They were joined by an American banjo player for the second set, but although he was good, I didn't feel that his instrument really fitted the style of the music, which was more melodic and thoughtful than a banjo can express. But it was a thoroughly good night, enjoyed by all.

Banjo player Dave Kahn joined in for the second set.

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