Saturday, 12 February 2011

Plans are afoot

Scaffolding now covers the main entry and the western end of the Library's first 5 floors.
The James Hight building's south side; our office is on level 7. Scaffolding will soon cover the whole building.

The James Hight building, the University's library, is having all its windows replaced. They had to come out to be inspected for earthquake damage, so the opportunity to put in modern double glazed windows was obvious. The scaffolding is going up this week, but it won't be fast.

This work of art adorns the Learning Resources administration area. I think it's a parable of human digestion, but maybe not.

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Rossco said...

I'm thinking a representation of a sheep's carcase, post "soul" abandonment, demonstrating the symbiotic affinity between the land and the fauna, represented by the manuka post like avitar, wot has just about gone right up it!