Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Quakes and stuff

My first chance to get online since yesterday's 6.3 shock; we are OK, but without power and water, like many parts of Christchurch. Water is easy enough to get, by using the artesian bores in our River Rd neighbours' back yards; our house's bore pipe snapped yesterday and we can hear the water pouring out under the front porch. Nobody has any inclination (or the courage) to go into the house, rip up the porch floor, and try to plug the pipe.

It looks like we have a holiday (of sorts) with the University shut until further notice. It would be nice to have power and internet, but that will probably take a few more days. In the meantime I can use the internet at Alice's flat - we're there now, while a chicken cooks for dinner. We had thawed it for yesterday's dinner, but without an oven that wasn't possible, so it needs to be cooked today.

We had our friends Peter and Lauren from Wanaka coming to stay last night, so when Peter texted from Twizel we said to keep coming; he bought sausages in Ashburton and we had sausages and salad by candlelight. We are cooking on a two burner gas camping stove until we get electricity restored.

More later...

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