Sunday, 6 February 2011

Sailing again

We launched Impulsive at 11.30am on Saturday, and headed up the harbour in a 10 knot easterly, warm but overcast. We had our big genoa on for the first time in ages, and we just shot along in the light breeze. We were just one of around 100 boats on the water, as the Naval Point Club was hosting a heap of championships; SI Paper Tigers & Finns, keeler and trailer yacht sprint races, and lots of dinghy class races. It was a spectacular sight from further out towards the heads, as we looked back at a harbour full of sails.

Mark Schroeder steered for much of the upwind trip. Keeler sprints and PTs behind.

We sailed up to Godley Head and tacked in close to look at the gun emplacements, then turned back and poled out the genoa, heading for Purau to meet up with Chris Hutching. He was just at the Purau Bay entrance as we arrived, so we charged around him in circles, trying to get VHF radios working on Ch 23; he could hear us but we couldn't hear him, though all had been well on the public ch16. After giving up on that, we dropped the genoa because the sky had cleared and the easterly had picked up to 15-16 knots, which is beyond the limit for that big sail. We were happy under mainsail alone as we followed Chris to the wharf at Ripapa Island to tie up, finish lunch, and have a chat.
Darren Armstrong, crew member and maintenance guru.

We left Ripapa with genoa and main up, and sailed back to the club in a following sea that gave us some stirring surfing, to join a log queue of trailer yachts waiting to haul out. We tidied the boat up as we waited, with sails furled and cover on, jibs stowed, lifejackets and other gear in place, then we set the speed record for putting a boat on the trailer. It's amazing how long some people can take, but our setup is very quick and easy to use. We were down the ramp, boat on, and back up to the hose-down area in less than 5 minutes.

Then it was off to the pub for a quick beer, pick up fish and chips, and home for tea. (First takeaways for a month or more, so I don't feel too guilty.) I was in bed by 9.30pm, and slept till 6.30am - a 9 hour sleep is a major achievement for me, I must have been really tired.

Now it's 9am Sunday and I'm off to the supermarket for some air conditioning - and the weekly shop-up. We go to a concert by Her Make Believe Band at Lyttelton tonight; Cy Winstanley is the son of old friends in Auckland, and was a great pal of Alice's to the age of 4 or so in Wanaka, so it will be great to see Cy and Vanessa perform.

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