Thursday, 3 March 2011

Back to work

The e-learning support bay in NZi3; Alan Hoskin in foreground, Rob Stowell and Herbert Thomas at left.

We started Monday and Tuesday by meeting at our team leader's undamaged house in Burnside, then set up operations in the University's NZi3 building; it's a high tech research centre, but the researchers have been displaced by a variety of essential administration groups. To my knowledge, the main floor's west end houses Facilities & Buildings, Enrolments, Student Services, College Offices & Managers. Then there are a couple of areas with sofas and coffee tables, for meetings and breaks. The eastern end has eLearning, Library, IT network and desktop support, IT Helpdesk, and phones/communications.

Library staff are getting online systems running, and working with publishers to provide electronic resources.

Our services are needed more than ever now, and we finally feel that someone is taking us seriously - the only teaching being done is on our systems, after all. Maybe we'll be believed now when we point out that a video recording and streaming service would have been useful - we've been asking and planning for it, students and staff want it, I suspect we'll now get it.

We're doing an 8-1pm and a 12-5pm shift, as we don't have room for everyone - and people need time to do domestic stuff, it's all taking twice as much time & effort. Alan lives in Burwood, with silt everywhere, no water or power, but he's coming to work and loving being busy. Me too, I must say - it's good to be doing something. We will soon have 100s of staff who've never done any online teaching wanting us to help them - and they're the reluctant learners, so it will be heavy going for our advisers.

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