Thursday, 17 March 2011

Been away

You can tell when I've been busy at work - this blog's post rate drops off. I haven't even been tweeting... much.

Our "techie" group within e-learning were moved again this week; we're now in the CEPS Printery building. The educational advisers remain in the NZi3 building. We've had a huge increase in the demand for e-learning support, and for streaming video - our server is struggling to cope, but we think we've got a solution worth trying. More later; better not start advertising too soon, in case we can't deliver.

I've had a major sort-out of photos from recent weeks, mostly to do with quake damage or our work arrangements; they're in a collection in Flickr, and I'll add a few here as a sample.

Our e-learning section in the NZi3 building. Jess, Lei, Paul, and I have since moved again.

A team of support staff from the IT dept ready to go out rescuing equipment from staff offices.

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