Tuesday, 22 March 2011

EQC's Catch-22

Last evening I started to make an online claim for further damage to our house after 22 February. As the house is soon to be demolished, making a further claim seemed a bit stupid, but apparently that's what they want.

I filled in the first screen of the claim, and went on to an address details page. I could select my street and suburb from an unnecessarily clever "search as you type" list, and then I had to re-enter the house number and the street and suburb again. This seemed strange, as their whizzy code had just selected the street and suburb, but OK, I entered the house number and clicked into the street name field. The cursor sat in the field but I couldn't type anything; same for suburb and city. Oh well, I thought, they've already got that info and the fields don't have an asterisk for "Mandatory", so I completed the postal address details and clicked Next. Oh no, said an error pop-up, you must enter street, suburb, and city. Hmmm.

I went round this cycle twice, just to be sure, with the same results. The form wouldn't let me type in the very data it then complained about; how odd. So I right-clicked and selected "View page source". The page is heavy on Javascript, and among the form fields I found the three lines that request street, suburb, and city - and they're set to "read only"! No wonder I couldn't enter text in them.

Is this EQC's way of keeping their claim numbers down? Or just a case of web programmers being too clever for their own good?

UPDATE: Got to work, tried it on a Windows machine, all is well. Tough luck for Mac users...


Anonymous said...

Just filled this form in with no issues on a Mac using Safari.
I agree page 2 is a little strange, I've programmed this pre-lookup in the past there is always an issue of simplicity vs correctness.
They could have done a better job, but it works for what it is.

Anonymous said...

Classic. For a really good time try bluebridge.co.nz an alt' to the Interislander. You struggle thru the fiddly dropdowns, but easy enough, hit enter and it comes back asking for a "Valid Vehicle type" for vehicle 1... umm, that'd be the one selected from your dropdown. No sale... emailed them advising of prob and asking for a quote.... nothing. I reckon there'll be a large cheap boat on trademe any day now