Thursday, 10 March 2011

Ready, set, panic!

The University is going to be open on Monday, with a phased restart of teaching, beginning with first year (100-level) classes. Some subjects are changing lecture formats, lots are putting material online, there is a lot of printing and DVD copying happening. Lectures and classes will be held in a tent city that is going up on the Clyde Rd and Law carparks. (Photos) The problem is that labs can't be held, computer workrooms are non existent (though plans are under way to put lots in some safe areas), and nobody knows where to park. I think I'll be biking or bussing from now on, taking a car is going to be too much hassle.

I feel we'll all muddle through, as long as people keep smiling and are prepared for a bit of give and take. There's certainly been all sorts of planning and hard work to get us to this point.

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