Sunday, 13 March 2011

Weekend in limbo

No sailing, as my crew are dispersed between Kaikoura and St Albans. Next weekend is also problematic, but I think Chris Hutching and I will collaborate to get on the water, using either of our boats. I'd like to have a sail on his boat, as it's so unlike the high performance design of my Quintet. Sailing just for the fun of it, without worrying about VMG, would be a nice change.

Christchurch is a funny place at the moment. The city has become the malls, they are the centres of activity. The supermarkets are mostly at the malls of course, along with the few Warehouse stores left. Anyway, they are madhouses of middle class greed and assertiveness, best avoided by those of a sensitive disposition. There are no movie theatres, no central city, no buses (well, there are a few) - but where would you want to go, anyway?

University restarts tomorrow. I think we'll be busy.

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