Saturday, 16 April 2011

Final clearance

We were allowed back into Level 7 of the James Hight library tower on Friday, to get the rest of our stuff. We were really organised this time, with large plastic crates that Nikki Saunders and I had scrounged. Nikki asked the Warehouse guys to stack them by the lifts for us, and they brought the full crates back to us after lunch. Now we have an office's worth of stuff crammed into two corners in the CEPS building.

Looting crew, L-R: Brendon Stillwell from IT, Antoine Monti, Susan Tull, Herbert Thomas, Paul Nicholls, me, Lei Zhang, Jess Hollis. Nikki Saunders went home in the morning after organising it all - we cleared her office as well.

The Project Managers are very happy they're not returning to their office. I don't know how this kind of damage can be repaired.

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