Saturday, 2 April 2011

Not moving - again

False alarm, there's such a lot of work we're doing to help the AV guys get lecture videos on line that we need to stay in the CEPS building beside them, although the learning advisers, developers, and team leader, have moved to the College of Education campus. It's a problem though, because we're usually closely involved with Lei and Paul, the e-learning developers, in much of our work. However, it makes more sense to keep the videos flowing, at least for the next few weeks.

The best answer would be to put all the tech support groups, from ICTS to e-learning to video, in a single shared space, but that's not likely to happen for ages. It was on the original plan, with ICTS and us sharing the big space previously known as the Loft, a student computer lab with around 200 computers, and for several weeks in NZi3 we got on very well. But now, who knows?

My response to this is to put a carrier on my under-used MTB and take it to work. Now I have transport, whether I biked or drove from home, to get me around the campus. Walking to and fro is taking up too much of the day while we're so busy.

I'm on sole duty this week, with Jess and Herbert away at the Australian Educause conference. Originally I was to attend as well, but the pressures from the quake recovery have put paid to that; we need at least one person on site managing courses and users, and to help the AV guys sort out problems.

Life outside work is also changed; I'd love to go sailing, but I can't find a day when my crew and I can get together. Instead I'll be attending a meeting of neighbourhood support group people to work on a future structure to work through the recovery phase with the CCC and this strange new entity called CERA.

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