Monday, 30 May 2011

Interesting weekend

A minor drama on Saturday; Heather's heart started fibrillating about 4pm, up to approx 160 beats per minute, so I got her down to A&E. They did an ECG, put her on a drip and gave her some beta blockers, but after an hour the rate was only slowly settling down. Then they put in a different blocker, and the effect was dramatic, returning her to normal heart rate in 5 minutes.

The ongoing prediction is that she's likely to have more incidents like this as she ages; isn't it fun being in your 60s? Anyway, she was bright and cheerful on Sunday, and went for a swim with no bad effects, which is a relief.

My Android 3G experiment has hit a small snag; it works fine for phone and text, but I can't get the data connection working. I'll get our developers onto it, they have a huge in-depth knowledge of Android and networks. It's very handy having a pair of resident geeks!

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