Saturday, 21 May 2011

Report from TED

The TEDxEQChCh event today was well worth attending. We saw a dozen presenters, several relevant clips from older TED footage (including my favourite savant, Jim Kunstler), and came away feeling there really are ways to fix the city. Whether these ideas got through to the Council and EQC is anyone's guess, but they tried. Even Gerry Brownlee waddled up to do a brief speech and introduce ex San Francisco mayor Art Agnos, one of the day's highlights.

My favourites were the practically oriented talks, particularly Hugh Morrison of Arrow International project managers, who delivered a well documented and achievable timetable to get the rebuilding under way. Soon after came James Lunday of Common Ground; he's a Scotsman with a genuine plan for urban design based on neighbourhoods and a people-friendly central core - both things I have been thinking, but he said them 100 times better than I could. (It's his field, of course.) Paul Downton also put a high premium on neighbourhoods.

The over all emphasis was on bottom-up people-centred planning. It's over to CERA now, I guess.

There's an excellent summary and comments at Nathanael Boehm's blog, Pure Caffeine. I'll post a link to the videos when they become available.

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