Monday, 13 June 2011

Here we go again

Another lunchtime, another quake. This time several of us were next door having our first lunch in the Warehouse lunch room; they've offered to share it with the wider group that now inhabits our corner of the campus. So we dived under tables with people we'd met 10 minutes before, then we all scooted outside. Then I realised I was naked; communications-wise, that is. Back at my desk were my cellphone, tablet, and laptop - and my bag, wallet, and jacket. All I had was a used soup bowl and an apple. Bugger.

After a visit to Ilam Fields, where we were told to go home, I went back to the office and did a quick raid on my desk, and got my stuff. I was running a backup of a large complex course when I went to lunch; I hope it finished OK, but I didn't look at the screen.

Then it was a bike ride home at 1.45pm, punctuated 5 minutes from home at 2.20pm, by the biggest wobble of the lot. I had just biked through the Prestons-Marshland roundabout, when I thought my bike had developed serious stability problems. I braked and stopped, wondering if my back wheel had turned to a wet noodle, then felt the ground waving up and down under my feet - and then I looked up.

Above the bike lane on Preston's Road there are major high tension lines, feeding Parklands, North Beach, and Burwood Hospital. These were waving from side to side like a really big Newton's Cradle. I took a quick look in my mirror; the road was chokka with confused motorists slowing down and working out what had made their car seem funny, so there was no way I could move to the right. The cables slowed their swinging, the ground settled, and I biked off towards our rented house in Bottle Lake.

All was OK there, apart from a few items that had fallen over. Water was off, though, so I set off back through lots of liquefaction damage on Hills Rd, to our old neighbourhood at River Rd, to get some bore water from my neighbour Andy Corbin. Then to the pub to check on the regulars, and back home to cook sausages for dinner. By this time, the water was back on, so we now have a superfluous 3/4 chilly bin of fresh water. Andy had it tested, and it's got lower e.coli than the CCC supply! I might have some with a wee Famous Grouse, to help me sleep...

University is closed tomorrow so teams can do building checks. We think schools are closed too, but we'll check that in the morning.

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