Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Impending doom?

The government has been pressured into telling Christchurch which suburbs will be abandoned (sorry, "retired"). They have a 1.30pm press conference arranged for tomorrow, but 3 News's political correspondent Duncan Garner announced the list on this evening's news. According to this "exclusive" the suburbs are Bexley, Avondale, Horseshoe Lake, Burwood, Dallington, and Avonside. As our block of Richmond is 200m from Dallington, and across the river from Avonside, I think that includes us. We'll know tomorrow, once they release the maps.

The plan is that they'll pay us our valuation at September 2010, before the quakes started. Our valuation is dated 1 August 2007, though, at the start of the property boom; others will have 2008 valuations that are greatly inflated. One step forward, one step back. And since 2007 prices have risen 15% or more. It's the Christchurch Two-step.

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